Peter Bishop, Teach the Future Founder, at Truth2040 Conference

The Monomyths Association, in collaboration with the Young Initiative Association and Future Station, presents Truth2040: Futures Literacy Conference, an event dedicated to futures literacy and its importance in educating young people and teachers. The event will take place on April 9 in Bucharest.

The centerpiece of the conference will be the interactive discussion moderated by the renowned American professor Peter Bishop, founder of Teach the Future. With extensive experience in strategic foresight and 30 years of leadership in the foresight master’s program at the University of Houston, Bishop has developed an essential playbook for futures education and has been involved in numerous international projects to implement futures in schools, including in Europe.

Together with Bishop, Diana Stafie, founder of Future Station and certified expert in foresight and strategic analysis of the future, will offer valuable perspectives and facilitate the dialogue on the integration of the concept of futures literacy in the Romanian educational context. The life skill Futures literacy offers young people the opportunity to prepare for an ever-changing future, contributes to improving adaptability, stimulating creativity and innovation, decision-making and strengthening resilience.

“Leaders of the caliber of Peter Bishop and Diana Stafie bring together for the first time essential perspectives and expertise to promote understanding and anticipation of the future in education in Romania”, said Luminița Ene, coordinator of the Post-Pandemic Narratives 2040 – Artifacts from the Future of Truth project.

During the event, the impact of the project will be presented and the Green Card – Education and the future will be officially launched, a document that aims to launch a debate on the development of youth policies that address the study of the future in educational contexts in Romania. The Green Card – Education and the future can be accessed here. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore the Truth2040 Toolkit, an interactive guide to navigating the uncertainties of the future and making both young people and youth workers, teachers and trainers feel prepared for whatever it brings.

The full toolkit-ul is available in English here.

The conference is part of the Post-Pandemic Narratives 2040 Project – Artifacts from the Future of Truth, carried out by the Monomyths Association in partnership with the Young Initiative Association, with the financial support of Active Citizens Fund Romania, a program financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants 2014-2021. The essential purpose of this project is to strengthen the role of non-governmental organizations in the implementation of relevant actions to identify and counter harmful content, misinformation and discrimination, supporting correct information and active engagement in the defense of human rights.
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