Photo from London gets viral on the day of presidential election in Romania: “Mi-e dor de tine/ I Miss You”

A lit message reading “Mi-e dor de tine/ I miss you” was displayed downtown London, UK, in Canary Wharf within the design project ”Lights ON Romania”, part of a festival of lights born in Cluj Napoca and arrived at its second edition.

The light installation is the more meaningful as it comes on the day of presidential election in Romania, while hundreds of thousands of Romanians who left the country to work abroad were queuing to vote to elect the Romanian President, just like in any other elections taken in place in Romania in the past years. This year there has been a record turnout among the Romanians in Diaspora, with more than 600,000 turning out to the polls.

Romanians are the second largest community of immigrants in UK after the Poles and rank second in the turnout top in Diaspora in today’s elections.

In 2019, this message is more actual than ever. In 2019 the ‘I miss you’ concept is bigger than ever. Mi-e Dor/I Miss You is maybe the most beautiful statement that the Romanian language can comprise, for <dor> is an untranslatable word (…) We send this message to the largest Romanian community in Europe. The installation will be a meeting point, at least a virtual one, between London and Cluj-Napoca, between two large communities of Romanians separated by life”, say the initiators of the project.
The festival’s Facebook page also has a call to the vote: “Choose light/#HaiLaVot/Come Out to the Polls“.
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