Pics of flamingo flock in the Danube Delta go viral

Hundreds of flamingo birds could have been observed, since last week, on Goloviţa lake, near the village of Jurilovca in Tulcea county. Exotic birds are a new attraction for tourists, and the good news is that they cannot be disturbed by human curiosity,

The organizer of kayak trips, Ştefan Constantin, said that the birds can only be seen in certain periods. “They commute between the lakes here and those in the neighboring county. They like large areas of water with shallow depths. I posted photos of them on my Facebook page, and one of the readers, who is from Ukraine, commented that the birds came from the Kherson area, where there was a colony of flamingos. It is very possible that the birds came to us because of the war”, said Ştefan Constantin.

He also said that the flamingo birds have become a point of attraction for tourists and assured that they cannot be disturbed by them.

“In past years, the flamingo birds were chased away by drones used by photographers. Now the same thing will not be possible, due to the geography of the place. The area is a dammed enclosure and you cannot approach more than 200-300 meters, so the birds feel safe. They can be seen from the promontory near the village of Jurilovca, if tourists have binoculars”, mentioned Ştefan Constantin.

And at the end of May last year, dozens of flamingo birds could be observed in several areas of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, both in Tulcea and Constanţa counties.

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