Ploiesti Hippodrome – they found the persons to homologate the racetrack…

The trotting track of the Ploiesti Hippodrome has been homologated on Friday by a committee made up of representatives of CSM Ploiesti, the National Agency for Zootechnics, of state and private horse breeders and of the constructor.

Following the necessary measurements and the track’s quality check, the committee determined that “the track meets dimensional requirements for trotting racing, it remains only to mark the finish line, the start poles and the distance poles.”

Once all these requirements will be met the Hippodrome track is approved for deployment.

The hippodrome in Ploiesti, rehabilitated and modernized with more than EUR 13 million, could not be used for competitions, for an incredible reason: the two runways, for trot and gallop, cannot be homologated because in Romania there is no institution to deal with this issue.

Commenced two years ago, the upgrading of the hippodrome was made with money from the local budget (50%) and 50% from European funds, but ultimately 80% of the costs will be incurred by the City Hall budget due to delays.

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