Police tracks down six Romanian children playing the Blue Whale game. The youngest is 9yo

Policemen from Dambovita have identified six children who had accessed the Blue Whale game up to now. Some of the kids had played several levels of the controversial game until the moment the authorities found out they were in. The youngest child revealed as playing the game is nine years old, while the oldest is 17-year-old.

Policemen have kicked off a guidance campaign in schools, recommending parents to monitor the little ones’ net surfing.

Parents and teachers are recommended to be extremely vigilant over the children’s behavior changes and to resort to authorities every time they suspect the children have been recruited on the internet by people who might harm them.

Adults are also advised to monitor their children’s online apps and to install on their phones and laptops programmes that would allow them to see the children’s online activity. Last but not least, police officers recommend parents whose children have internet access to talk to them and explain the risks when they are contacted by unknown people, while telling them not to give in pressures of the online groups.

An 11-year-old boy from Dambovita county hanged himself on Monday, with police officers revealing that the boy used to surf the Internet and say he was playing the Blue Whale controversial game.

The first Romanian victim of the Blue Whale game was a 19-year-old young girl living in a foster home in Codlea. She would have got a code on her mobile phone and a location hint where she would have been safe to kill herself. The girl has immediately announced the foster home’s managers and the police.

The Blue Whale game, whose end could also lead to the death of the players, was born in Russia where it has already made over 100 victims. It also extended to other countries, including the Republic of Moldova.

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