Policemen to undergo undercover checks to ensure that anti-Covid measures are observed

Police will undergo undercover checks on the street to see if citizens are observing the anti-Covid measures. Policemen will track down those who are breaking the protections rules and will even apply fines, sources from the government told mass media.

The decision was taken by the authorities after they had seen that many people are observing the protections measures only when there are police force in the area, but they ignore them in their absence.

Sources said that 20% of the policemen will undergo these checks and will apply fines as civilians.

Citizens are also encouraged to call the TelVerde phone line 0800.800.165 to notify on potential breaches and even to send photos and videos with people who are breaking the protection sanitary rules.

Based on the footage police will be able to apply fines or other sanctions.

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  • Anonymous

    By looking at how many lives in Romania, it is easy to think it’s not a huge problem and it mainly affect risk groups and the elderly. But do need to have it under control. And the flu is a danger too, so both can be prevented with same measures.

    And no one wants to loose anyone too early, so every life to be saved is very positive.
    We have no one to loose.