Poll: Most Romanians want union with the R. of Moldova, consider that Romania must remain in the EU

Over 70% of Romanians support Romania’s membership of the European Union, and three-quarters of Romanians do not want the dissolution of the European Union and want to unite with the Republic of Moldova (the former Romanian province of Bessarabia), according to chapters four and five of the opinion poll entitled “Public distrust: West vs. West. East, the rise of the nationalist current in the era of misinformation and the phenomenon of false news ”, conducted by INSCOP Research in partnership with Verifield and commissioned by the STRATEGIC Thinking Group think tank.

“The perception of the benefits of joining the European Union has significantly improved compared to September 2021, returning to a level before the political crisis at the end of last year. On the other hand, the subject of Romania’s exit from the European Union (RO-Exit), although it remains constant at a support level of 20% and 25%, three quarters of the population rejects both Romania’s exit from the European Union and also the idea of the UE dismantling, the motivations being as pragmatic as possible. Even those who believe that the national interest takes precedence over European rules are overwhelmingly of the opinion that it is still in the country’s national interest for Romania to remain a member of the European Union. Overall, we note that overcoming last year’s political crisis, the formation of a broad, stable coalition, but also the feeling of insecurity caused by Russia have revitalized adherence to Euro-Atlantic values ​​and landmarks, “said Remus Ștefureac, president of Strategic Thinking Group.

Regarding the union with the Republic of Moldova, 74.5% of respondents answer in the affirmative, 21.1% answer in the negative, and 4.3% do not know or do not answer.

When it comes to pros vs. cons of Romania’s accession to the EU, weighing all the implications on economic and social life, on family and personal life, 54.9% of those surveyed (compared to 47.2% in September 2021, 56.2% in June 2021 and 61.4% in March 2021) consider that Romania’s accession to the European Union brought advantages rather, while 40.8% are of the opposite opinion (compared to 46.1% in September 2021, 35.1% in June 2021 and 35.2% in March 2021). 4.3% do not know or do not answer this question.

As for Romania’s exit from the European Union, 71.7% of Romanians oppose the idea of ​​Romania leaving the EU bloc, while 25.2% would agree with such a perspective and 3.1% do not know or not answer.

Romanians also attach importance to the EU’s role in Romania’s economic development. The statement “In the future, Romania would develop better economically if it were within the European Union” meets the agreement of 63.2% of respondents (compared to 57.8% in September 2021, 62.9% in June 2021). At the same time, 29.4% consider that “in the future, Romania would develop better economically if it were outside the European Union” (compared to 32.9% in September 2021, 27% in June 2021), and 7.5 % don’t know or don’t answer.

When it comes to emigration, 77.9% say they prefer to live and work in Romania, while 21.5% say that if they had the opportunity, they would prefer to live and work in Europe or the USA.

Non-response rate is 0.5% Regarding the ratio between a multinational company and a Romanian one, 69.9% state that they prefer to work in a Romanian company in Romania, while 26% say that they prefer to work in a foreign company operating in Romania. The percentage of non-responses is 4.1%.

Asked about the quality of products in the Romanian market, 71.8% of Romanians believe that foreign companies sell on the Romanian market products of lower quality than those they sell in other countries, while 24.2% are of the opposite opinion. The percentage of non-responses is 4%.

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