Polluting cars, banned in the Bucharest downtown. Drivers from other cities might pay a tax as of 2020

Bucharest general mayor has announced on Wednesday a new draft resolution is in public debate and that it might be enforced as of next year, which bans non Euro, Euro 1 and Euro 2 (pollution norm 0, 1 and 2) vehicles downtown Bucharest. At the same time, the draft will compel drivers who are coming in the Capital from other cities to pay vignette to transit the city, mounting to RON 1,900 annually, or RON 10 per day.

Polluting cars, such as the non Euro, Euro 1 or Euro 2 will be totally banned in the center of Bucharest, meaning Victoriei Square, Stefan cel Mare Blvd, Sincai Blvd, Libertatii Blvd, Presei street, Mihai Eminescu street, Nerva Traian Blvd, Serban Voda Avenue, 13 Septembrie Avenue, Izvor street.

For Euro 3 cars, the access downtown will be allowed only after drivers buy an online vignette of RON 75/month or RON 900/year.

Euro 4,5 and 6 cars have access on all streets of Bucharest.

A recent ranking of the most polluted cities in the world in 2018 warned that 22 cities from Romania are included in the survey and Bucharest is not in top 3.

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