Poor culture consumption in Romania, Barometer says. 67% of the Romanians have never seen a theatre show

Romanians spent EUR 27 on average for cultural activities last year, while the European average is five times higher, as reported by the Cultural Consumption Barometer 2018, available on culturadata.ro.
The study also shows that Romanians allot great part of this sum to pay the TV subscriptions and less to purchase other cultural services.
The barometer found that last year, 39% of the Romanians went at least once to the cinema, 6 pc more than in 2016. In 2018, 57% of the Romanians attended at least once music or entertainment shows, as against 43% in 2016.
As for the theatre consumption, the figures are low. The Barometer says that last year only 33% of the Romanians went to see a theatre play, on decline compared to 2014 when the percentage stood at 37%. What is more serious is that 67% of the Romanians have never seen a theatre show. The authors of the barometer explain that it is also due to the poor theatre infrastructure across small towns and also the high price of the tickets or the quality of the plays.

The television remains the main source of cultural and entertainment consumption for the Romanians, with 92% of the respondents saying they watch TV at least once a week, while almost 80% do it on a daily basis. Romanians also prefer open air events and festivals.

Almost a quarter of Romanians (24 percent) believed that culture is “not so important” and 63 percent never go to the theater, the same barometer revealed in 2014.

The same 2014 figures revealed that Romanians would rather go shopping to the mall than go to theater, opera, library or cinema.

84% of the Romanians don’t trust people around, while 66% consider they are free to speak their mind

Around 84% of the Romanians don’t trust people around them and think it’s safe to be more cautious, while 66% consider they are free to speak their mind without fearing the consequences, the Barometer also shows.

30 years since the fall of the communism, the survey wanted to find out how free Romanians feel.

Among those who think they are free to say whatever they want, 26% live in the western country, 24% in the North-East.

What a true Romanian means?

94% of the respondents consider that, in order to be a good Romania, it is also important and very important you also observe the rules and respect the institutions in Romania. 88% think to be a good Romanian means that you have to be born in Romania, while 72% say a true Romanian has to do with religion, namely to be a Christian Orthodox believer.

At the same time, the barometer revealed that respondents would rather be Romanian citizens than of other country.

The Cultural Consumption Barometer was conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy during September 1-October 5 on a national sample of 1,200 people over 18.


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