President announces lifting of travel restrictions in Romania after May 15

President Klaus Iohannis has announced at the end of the emergency sitting on Coronavirus today that travel bans in Romania will be lifted after May 15, but Romanians will have to keep on wearing protection masks in public spaces and public transport means.

“Dear Romanians, this is how we’ll look like in the closed public spaces and in the public transportation means after May 15”, said Iohannis, pointing to him wearing the protection mask.

We had a new meeting today to detail on the so-called relaxation plan of the measures we’ve taken to protect the population. We’ll have a detailed plan in this regard in the shortest time, but we considered that some matters should be announced in advance. One of these measures is the one related to the protection mask”, the head of state said.

We decided today that after May 15 everybody will be compelled to wear protective masks in closed public spaces and when using the public transport. Maybe we’ll give up wearing masks next year.

A second measure is lifting of individual travel restrictions after May 15. We’ll be able to go to public spaces without the affidavits mentioning where we’re going and for what reasons”.

However, he underscored that many restrictions will remain in force, for the protection of the population. Bans on public gatherings, concerts and similar events will remain in force.

Iohannis also stressed that all current restrictions remain in force until May 15. “Stay home till May 15! After mid-May we’ll be able to move more freely. However, life will not get to the normality we were used to, unfortunately”.

The head of state detailed that a meeting with the Education minister will take place soon to establish a plan for the students’ returning to schools.

A plan is also needed for the recovery of the economic activity. But we should not imagine we’ll get back to normal overall on May 15. Step by step, after a time table that is also depending on the evolution of the cases, we’ll try to enter a new normal state. As interdictions are reversed, the individual responsibility will be higher”, the President pointed out, adding he particularly refers to the more vulnerable categories such as the elderly and the ones with underlying conditions.

“They will have to take more care and we’ll have to take more care when we make contacts with these people who are more exposed to the infection risk”.

Klaus Iohannis stated that the virus will not disappear, so Romanians will have to find a way to live with the pandemic and “to return to a new normality”.

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