President urges hospital managers to provide protection for the medical staff, to prioritise their testing for COVID-19

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has chaired a video conference with the hospital managers in Romania, asking them to provide total protection for the medical staff in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, to prevent such situations as the ones at Suceava County Hospital or the Gerota Hospital in Bucharest.

The Strategic Communication Group had announced on Tuesday that 103 representatives of the medical staff in Romania have tested positive for COVID-19 so far in Romania: 43 doctors (27 in Suceava only), 45 nurses (30 in Suceava), 14 medical orderlies and a care taker.

The Romanian health system has been suffering for years of a lack of thorough reform and of budget allotments which are not providing a high quality medical act for the citizen. We are now in a major crisis, when I tell you straight that we must deal with what we have,” the head of state told the hospital managers.

Iohannis added that, fortunately, there are still doctors in Romania, as well as pharmacists, other medical staff and experts who are 100% dedicated to saving patients. “They are the ones who make extraordinary sacrifices in these moments, they are in the front line of the fight with this dangerous virus, by leaving their families in order to be in the service of patients.”

The President called on the hospital managers to channel all their efforts “to ensure all conditions to guarantee the medical services to the patients, and to equally protecting the medical personnel”, despite the problems prompted by the current epidemic and despite pressures.

“I ask you to ensure the protection of the doctors and the entire medical personnel. Do whatever it’s necessary to provide equipment. Testing the medical staff must by absolute priority! Under no circumstances must we have situations like the one at Suceava County Hospital or Gerota, or, lately, at Sf. Ioan Hospital in Bucharest,” Iohannis pointed out.

The head of state also told hospital managers to urgently purchase the protective equipment and disinfectants for their hospitals, “to identify all acquisition sources”, and also to cover the staff shortage, and to ensure a proper shift programme, “to avoid doctors and nurses’ mental and physical exhaustion”.

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