Prosecutor’s Office opens criminal file against CNATDCU following decision to withdraw Petre Toba’s PhD title

The Prosecutor General’s Office has started prosecution in rem for abuse of office in the file opened following the complaint filed by the former Interior Minister Petre Toba against the CNATDCU General Council, after deciding to withdraw his PhD title.

At mid October, Petre Toba filed a criminal complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office against the National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU) General Council, which voted for the establishment of the last technical committee on his doctoral title case, and against its members.

Judicial sources claim Petre Toba was already summoned and heard at the Prosecutor general’s Office. In the coming period the CNATDCU General Council and the technical committee members are also to be heard.

At the beginning of October the fourth technical committee established that the PhD work of Petre Toba includes ‘massive plagiarism’ and suggested the withdrawal of his PhD title. The proposal was uphold by the CNATDCU General Council.

CNATDCU decided on October 12, by 36 votes to one, that the former Minister Petre Toba and Voluntari Mayor Florentin Pandele have plagiarised the doctoral works.

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