Protest at the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, the children trampled Putin’s portrait

A protest attended by Ukrainian refugees also took place on Sunday in front of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest. Demonstrators also gathered at the Ukrainian Embassy in Bucharest, but this time as a sign of support for the victims of the Russian invasion.

At the Russian Embassy, ​​protesters carried placards reading “Stop Putin, Stop War”, “Putin’s War Aiming at Each of Us”, “Thank You Romania” and shouted “Putin terrorist”, “Putin murderer”, “Out , outside, with the Russians in the country “,” Ukraine, Ukraine “, Digi24 reports.

Among the participants in the protest were Ukrainian citizens, some of them refugees after the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine, who came with the children. Adults have their country’s flags with them, and children have painted their Ukrainian flag on their faces. As their parents chanted “Putin the murderer,” several Ukrainian children trampled on a portrait of Vladimir Putin, which they eventually tore to pieces.

At the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​protesters took to the streets and lit candles in memory of those killed in Russia’s war.

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