Protests in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara against new tax measures, justice legislation bill

A protest rally organised on Sunday in Bucharest and attended by more than 1,000 people ended around 22:00hrs, after the demonstrators moved from Piata Victoriei (Gov’t offices) to the offices of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD).

The protest was organised against a bill amending justice legislation and an emergency ordinance amending the Tax Code.

The gendarmes attempted to make the protesters stay on a single lane, but they occupied the whole Kiseleff Road, with traffic being restricted between the Triumphal Arch and Piata Victoriei.

At the PSD offices, the demonstrators threw rolls of toilet paper in the courtyard of the building and shouted slogans like “We do not want to be a nation of thieves,” “May DNA come get you!,” “Thieves, thieves!,” ”DNA, we are all on your side.” The protest in front of the party headquarters ended without incidents.

Protests also took place in other cities such as Cluj Napoca (about 2,000 people), Timisoara (1,000) and Brasov (700).

The organisers called for the march on Facebook saying that “We are fed up with being victims of thefts! We march from the Government to the PSD offices, as the only solution to put an end to these tax amendments is protesting in the street.”

“The GEO to amend the Tax Code has been published by the Official Journal Friday evening. We can block ALDE-PSD to enforce it by protesting in the street, as many as possible,” the organisers said.

The organisers requested the protesters to bring rolls of toilet paper with them, which some have thrown at the PSD offices. Several people were fined by the police.

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