Ramstein Legacy 24 Exercise with PATRIOT Live Fire in Romania

NATO exercise RAMSTEIN LEGACY 24 took place between June 3-14, in the Capu Midia range, integrating air and anti-missile defense structures. About 1,300 Romanian and allied military (from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Türkiye, and Hungary) participated in RALY 24.  The exercise contributes to increasing interoperability and practice tactics, techniques, and procedures for defensive operations. During this exercise, the participants certified operational readiness of Romania’s second Phased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept on Target (“PATRIOT”) system by shooting down a live target in the Capu Midia range.

This was the second tactical air defense exercise with Romania’s PATRIOT systems, with the first occurring in November 2023. With these exercises, Romania has demonstrated high levels of technical expertise and competence to defend against advanced air threats. The successful conclusion of exercise RAMSTEIN LEGACY proves that Romania has the air defense capabilities to protect Romanian citizens and territory.

Exercises such as RAMSTEIN LEGACY also demonstrate Romania’s leadership in and commitment to allied security, including the ability to host NATO forces and use the most modern defense systems in a multinational coalition situation. RAMSTEIN LEGACY is one of dozens of exercises that improve NATO’s interoperability and strengthen collective defense.

Additionally, this successfully concluded exercise further strengthens the strategic partnership between Romania and the United States in the military and security field. “Through joint training, the Romanian military and NATO allies contribute to the Alliance’s deterrence and defense posture, demonstrating the ability to deploy and integrate NATO forces in a timely manner,” said U.S. Charge d’Affaires Michael Dickerson. “This live fire exercise,” he continued, “is yet another example of Romania’s capability to deter regional threats, defend Romania, and contribute to NATO’s collective defense.”

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