Rare phenomenon in Romania: Orange snow in Galati. Doctors’ warning

A rare phenomenon has taken place in Galati, eastern Romania on Friday, with snow getting shades of orange.

Orange snow is an extremely rare phenomenon, caused by a Saharan sandstorm, as meteorologists explained.

They said the orange shade of orange is caused by a cyclone occurring in northern Africa and over the Mediterranean Sea. The cyclone has spread the Saharan sand at a great distance and the winds have brought it across Turkey and in the northern area of the Black Sea.

However, the orange snow is rarely seen in Romania, it is more frequently produced in the Alps, as western and central Europe is in the way of the winds coming from Africa.

Apart from the spectacular rare view of the orange snow, doctors have warned that it could be dangerous for certain categories of people, with those suffering of respiratory affections being the most exposed.

Doctors said that the sand from the snow that is inhaled can lead and make affections and alergies worse.

According to them, the snow filled with Saharan sand is dangerous for the people with respiratory affections, as it can make them worse. They can lead or aggravate asthma. Moreover, it can enable alergies. Doctors advised people with respiratory diseases to avoid leaving the house in the cities where the orange snow was seen.

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