Record cigarette seizure in Constanta Port: 14 million cigarettes worth almost EUR 3m

Customs officers have seized a record transport of smuggling cigarettes in Constanta Port, worth EUR 2.8 M. According to the official papers accompanying the transport, those 1,400 boxes should have contained xerox paper destined to a company in Bucharest. Instead, the container was full of cigarettes and had been shipped from Thailand.

The seizure was part of the „Shield” operation conducted by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) targeted against cigarette smugglers.

The smuggling cigarettes would have got to a company in Bucharest and from there on the black market. If they been sold the cigarettes, the smugglers would have earned about EUR 3 M.

„14 million cigarettes have been tracked down. It’s the biggest seizure in the past years, the second after the one of 12 million cigarettes exposed in Albita customs in December 2012,” said Dorel Fronea, ANAF vice-president.

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