Restrictions for wave 5: Textile masks no longer allowed. Stores’ working hours

The National Emergency Committee today decided on new restrictions to limit the 5th wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Only surgical masks and FFP2 can be worn in public spaces, and textile masks will no longer be allowed.

According to the CNSU decision, the medical protection mask or FFP2 will be used so as to cover the mouth and nose, in all closed and open public spaces, under the conditions established by the joint order of the Minister of Health and the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Health minister, Alexandru Rafila, explained that there is no enforcement of a certain type of facemask or an expensive mask, but it’s about replacing textile masks, which are minimally efficient.

In his turn, the chief of the Department for Emergency Situations, Raed Arafat said that the protection mask will become mandatory also outdoors in the localities where the incidence rate goes beyond 1 per one thousand. He added that the mask must be worn on the street as well, if there are people around, in the bus.tram/trolley stations and in crowded areas.


Exceptions for wearing facemasks are the following categories of people:

a) children under the age of 5;

b) persons who are alone in the office;

c) TV presenters and their guests, provided that the distance of 3 meters between persons is observed;

d) the representatives of the religious cults, during the services, provided that the distance of 3 meters between persons is observed;

e) speakers in closed or open spaces provided that the distance of at least 3 meters between them and any of the other persons in the public is observed;

f) persons who carry out intense physical activities and / or in demanding working conditions (high temperatures, high humidity, etc.) or sports activities.

The head of DSU says that the mask will be mandatory “unless you have individual activities”.

“In the bus station, on the subway, on the street, when people are driving next to you, the mask must be worn. Individual activity means sports activity, alone in the park, when you don’t have other people around “, Arafat said.

Arafat said the measure was taken because the Omicron version of the coronavirus is highly contagious.

“It simply came to our notice then. Because of this, wearing a mask becomes mandatory in all open and closed spaces. The exceptions, which will be limited and very clear, will appear in order “, he explained.

Restrictions for stores, restaurants, events

At the same time, there will be new restrictions in force for restaurants, shows and sports events, depending on the Covid incidence in each locality. Stores and restaurants will be opened till 22:00hrs.

For a Covid infection rate below 1 per one thousand inhabitants, most activities will be allowed at a 50% capacity for vaccinated people, those who went through the infection or who have a negative COVID test. For a 3 per 1,000 incidence, the capacity will stand at 30%.

Open air concerts and festivals will be attended by 500 spectators the most, while only 100 people can participate in rallies.

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  • Giles Eldridge

    “textile masks, which are minimally efficient.” so why were they enforced ??!!