Romania asks for EU’s help in the COVID crisis. The Civil Protection Mechanism to be activated

The National Committee for Emergency Situations has drafted a request for international assistance within the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism to purchase 12,700 vials of 200ms of Tocilizumabum, a medicine used to treat patients with severe forms of COVID-19 infections, as well as to acquire oxygen concentrators.

The Head of the Department for Emergencies Situations, Raed Arafat had announced on Monday that the Romanian authorities will activate the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism on Tuesday on purchasing the Tocilizumab drug, used to to treat COVID-19 infections.

The Mechanism will be activated for Tocilizumab at the request of the Ministry of Health. It is a medicine whose supplier cannot provide all the necessary quantities.

“At present, we have sufficient quantities for another two to three weeks, which is why we will activate the Mechanism to see in countries that are not facing a serious wave, at this time, if we can take the drug from them”, said Raed Arafat, on Monday, in a press conference at Victoria Palace.

The head of DSU added, also related to the Civil Protection Mechanism, that the possibility of requesting certain equipment, especially individual oxygenators, is being analyzed.

“We want to supplement what we have and what we buy to facilitate the increase in the number of intensive care beds in hospitals that have spare beds, but are not connected to oxygen,” said Arafat.

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