Romania “boasts” the highest road fatality rates

In 2022, road traffic accidents resulted in the deaths of 20,653 individuals in the EU, indicating a 4% rise compared to 2021 (19,917 fatalities), says a Eurostat report released today. Fatalities have been on the rise for two consecutive years following an unprecedented decline in 2020 (18,833), attributed to COVID-19 restrictions impacting passenger transport.

The highest rates of deaths caused by car accidents were recorded in Romania (86 road fatalities per million inhabitants), followed by Bulgaria (78) and Croatia (71).

The lowest rates of road fatalities in 2022 were registered in Sweden (22 road fatalities per million inhabitants), Denmark (26) and Ireland (31).

In 2022, the total number of people in the European Union who died in road accidents stood at 20,653, down from 19,917 in 2021 and 18,833 in 2020. The decrease in 2020 was largely driven by the impact of pandemic restrictions on transport passengers. In 2022, there were an average of 46 deaths per million inhabitants across the EU.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    You have good traffic policing but you have no roads! Get the EU funds and build now. Simple solution.