Romania in Schengen. The first air flight without border control in Bucharest, ironically from Austria

Romania entered the Schengen space with air and sea borders on March 31. From midnight, air travel, as well as sea freight between member states of the free movement area is faster, without document control, meaning about a third of the total goods transiting Romania. The rules apply in all 17 airports and 4 seaports – those located in Constanţa County.

The first fully operated flight without border control from the Schengen area was from Vienna, something “slightly ironic”, said the spokesperson of the National Airport Company, Valentin Iordache. As it is well known, Austria is the only EU member state that is still opposing Romania’s fully-fledged Schengen accession.

“The first passengers to enter without border control this evening are some of the passengers on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt. There were 92 passengers. About 20 of them did not pass through the border control, because it was 0:00. The first fully operated flight without border control in the Schengen area is, slightly ironically, the Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna”, said Valentin Iordache.

After document checks became history, now border teams will patrol the airport and can do random checks, especially on travelers with minors, who have special treatment. 

People who enter the terminal, after going through the security control procedure, will no longer be subject to border control as was the case until now. Passengers will go directly to the boarding gates. The Interior ministry emphasized though that during this time random checks will be made to detect those who have false travel documents, the persons being followed or those who are prohibited from leaving the country.

Controls at Romania’s Schengen road borders still remain in force, a huge problem during vacation or holiday periods. But also a massive loss in terms of freight.

Next week, the Romanian Minister of the Interior is traveling to Vienna, where he will discuss with his counterpart including full integration. The Romanian authorities hope to get a clear deadline for land accession by the end of the year.

Travel conditions for minors, starting from March 31

As for minor Romanian citizens, as in the case of adults, they will no longer carry out border control and will also go directly to the boarding gate. They will not need any additional approval, being able to travel in the Schengen area with the same documents as until now.

Thus, if the minor travels accompanied by only one parent, the following are required: a valid travel document and the authenticated consent of the other parent.

If the minor is traveling accompanied by a third person, he needs a valid travel document and the authenticated consent of both parents.

The minor only needs the travel document if he moves to his home/residence and provides proof of this.

If the minor travels for studies/competitions/medical treatment and proves the declared purpose of the trip, he needs the authenticated consent of one of the parents.

If the minor is over 16 years old and traveling unaccompanied, he will need: valid travel document and consent from both parents. Authenticated statements are obtained in the country from the public notary, and abroad from diplomatic missions or consular offices.

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