Romania makes the top 10 cheapest cities to work from abroad

Since the pandemic, more companies have adjusted to remote working and employees around the world are looking for more flexible roles. In fact, Google searches for ‘hybrid working jobs’ have increased by +614 % in the past 12 months*!

Remote workers have the freedom to choose their place of work and are often even able to work from abroad. To help those looking for a change of scenery, life insurance broker Reassured has evaluated the best cities for remote working across Europe by comparing 4 different factors.

Looking at the cost of accommodation, the number of free co-working spaces, the number of free WiFi spots and the cost of a coffee, the top 10 cheapest cities for a workcation are:

Rank City Country Cost of a Coffee (EUR) Number of Free WiFi Spots Number of free Co-working Spaces Daily Accommodation Rate (EUR)
1 Istanbul Turkey 1.73 59,176 45 69.36
2 Sofia Bulgaria 1.75 4,443 48 48.96
3 London United Kingdom 3.74 12,520 886 188.7
4 Budapest Hungary 1.61 5,335 59 85.68
5 Zagreb Croatia 1.76 2,812 10 71.4
6 Bucharest Romania 2.35 3,717 34 54.06
7 Madrid Spain 2.15 7,437 101 113.22
8 Warsaw Poland 2.71 1,437 70 70.38
9 Riga Latvia 2.77 2,188 21 66.3
10 Rome Italy 1.47 4,842 38 138.72

Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, takes the top spot as the best city in Europe for remote working. Not only does it offer a warm climate, but also tempts with a whopping 59,176 free WiFi spots and a daily renting rate of just under €70.

Closely followed by Sofia with 48 co-working spaces and cheap rooms for €48.96.

London ranks third with a whopping 886 co-working spaces, the highest in the ranking. However, remote workers should consider that rooms are much more expensive at €188.70 per day and coffees will cost nearly €4 on average!

Bucharest, the Romanian Capital ranks 6th, with a daily accommodation rate of EUR 54.06.

Not all cities can offer that many co-working spaces, but places like Madrid (7th) have 7.437 free WiFi spots and coffee cost around €2.15 on average. A potentially more unusual spot for your workcation could be Riga in Latvia. With an average daily rent price of €66.30 and 2.188 free WiFi spots, you’ll have everything you need. Rome ranks 10th with the cheapest coffees (€1.47) and 38 co-working spaces, while you can enjoy the amazing sights in your free time.

Phil Jeynes Director of Corporate Strategy at Reassured comments on the research: “With a significant increase in jobs offering employees the flexibility of working remotely, businesses can not only attract more talent but also keep their current employees motivated and encourage creativity. To ensure your income is protected, income protection insurance can be a great option in case you’re unable to work at any point due to injury or illness.”


*Googles searches taken from, correct as of 28/10/2022

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