Romania officially asks for Radu Mazăre’s extradition, file sent to the authorities in Madagascar

Interim minister of Justice, Ana Birchall, has announced in a press conference on Monday that the ministry had sent all necessary papers for Radu Mazăre’s extradition from Madagascar. She added the documents had been received by the Justice Ministry in Madagascar today at 9 a.m.

„The file has been handed over to the Foreign Ministry at 8 a.m. and the file reached the authorities in Madagascar at 9 a.m. The file contains the extradition request as well as all information. As you know, the provisional arrest has been issued by the Malagasy authorities for 6 days. My colleagues managed to prepare the file in just 48 hours. The complete extradition file has been personally sealed by me on May 11 and handed over to the Foreign Ministry and then t the authorities in Madagascar,” Birchall stated.

She explained that the file had been delivered by e-mail to the Malagasy Justice Ministry at the same time.

The Interpol Bureau confirmed that all documents had been received. We’ll stay in touch with the authorities in Madagascar for any further information,” the interim minister added.

Monday was the last day when the Justice Ministry had to send the documents needed for the extradition of the former mayor of Constanta from Madagascar. The Bucharest Court of Appeal has sent the necessary documents that confirmed legal conditions were met for the extradition to the Justice ministry on Friday, with minister Birchall announcing there are 600 pages to be translated.

Birchall explained the legal framework to be enforced in order to bring Mazare in Romania: „The United Nations Convention against transational organised crime, signed in Palermo in 2000, ratified by the law 365/2002 and the UN Convention against corruption. Republic of Madagascar is part of both conventions. As for the domestic legal framework, there is title 2 of law 302/2004 on the international judicial cooperation on criminal matters, in conjunction with the provisions of the Romanian Criminal Procedure Code”.

Former mayor of Constanta, Radu Mazăre, has to serve a sentence to prison of nine years, pronounced by a final ruling in February. Radu Mazăre and other civil clerks are accused of having illegally assigned some plots of land (beaches and seafronts in Constanta). Anti-corruption prosecutors estimated a prejudice of EUR 114 million.

The final ruling in February came following nine years of trials and other eight consecutive delays.

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