Romania, the ideal country to be used in cyber attacks – report says

Romania, in the current European context, is the ideal country to be used in cyber attacks on targets both inside and outside the country, because it has the highest speed of Internet in the EU and a very weak protection of computers and of cyber networks.

This is the conclusion of a report issued by the Strategikon think tank released on Tuesday, quoted by, claiming that in Romania there is no law to compel private operators to be held responsible for the cyber network owned and this makes Romania’s advantages turn into “real disadvantages in terms of cyber at local, regional and even at global level.”

According to the report, there is an acute need for safety in cyberspace, in the context of “terrorist threats in recent years that have started with predilection on www and have radically made vulnerable the national systems of online protection.”

Within this framework, the report’s authors believe that, in Romania, “against the risks coming from the virtual world, the public opinion is still struggling with the ghosts of political police,” while the US, Canada and major countries in Europe “form a common front against the hordes that loot and get organized online, against the faceless criminals.”

The Strategikon analysis also targets the situation in Eastern Europe in terms of cyber crime, saying that it “operates as a legitimate business market, becoming increasingly commercialized and service oriented.”

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