Romania to Have a New Black Sea Port

Amid the challenges faced by transporters at the Port of Constanta over the past two years, a new port is set to be constructed along the Black Sea coast.

Positioned along the Poarta Albă-Midia Năvodari Canal, the new port aims to streamline the berthing and unloading processes for cargo-carrying vessels, addressing delays experienced in customs clearance.

The upcoming port, situated along the Poarta Albă-Midia Năvodari Canal, will cover an area of 33,000 square meters. Work has already commenced in the region, including the construction of access roads, a 21,000-square-meter operational platform, and three docks, each spanning 120 square meters.

Experts emphasize the necessity of this new port as the Port of Constanta has faced significant strain in recent years, especially with trucks transporting various goods, notably cereals, queuing for extended periods.

Additionally, authorities plan to expand another port called Luminița, located 25 km from the canal, to further increase the volume of goods transported through inland waterways.

These initiatives aim to alleviate the pressure on the Port of Constanta, with both projects totaling over 200 million lei and receiving funding from the EU.

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