Romania to import 2 million individual tests for Coronavirus from South Korea

20,000 testing kits for COVID-19 (around 2 million individual tests) will reach Romania from South Korea after the authorities in Bucharest had concluded an agreement with a company in this country, Yonhap press agency reported, quoting the South Korean Foreign Ministry.

The details of the contract, the name of the private company that will make the delivery, as well as the purchase prices have not been disclosed.

South Korea has started a large-scale testing campaign to tests its population for Coronavirus and has thus managed to control the spread of the virus.

A first tranche of 200,000 individual tests (Real Time PCR) out of the total 2 million will arrive in Romania in the upcoming days, according to Health official, Nelu Tataru.

We have a contract in which Unifarm can bring a larger quantity of tests in the country, 200,000 tests for the beginning. They will arrive in Romania the upcoming days,” Tataru said, adding the testing campaign will be extended to more people, to the medical staff and to all patients who reported acute respiratory symptoms whose flu tests had been negative.

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