Romania to pay over EUR 1 bln for 54 M1A2 Abrams tanks and 12 platforms derived from the US Army stock

The costs of acquiring Abrams tanks, upgraded M1A2 models, in use from the US Army stock, was presented in Parliament. The Army will be equipped with 54 Abrams tanks and 12 tank-chassis derivatives following a Government-to-Government agreement with the US.

The members of the Commissions of the two Chambers unanimously decided to approve in advance the initiation by the Ministry of National Defense, through the General Directorate for Armaments, of the procedure for awarding the procurement contract related to the endowment program.

Romania also buys second-hand minesweepers from UK and equips other ships with NSM anti-ship missiles

Two Sandown-class naval platforms, in use, modernized, will be bought by Romania from Great Britain as part of the “Mine Hunter” endowment program, the entire acquisition program having an estimated value of around 150 million euros. At the same time, the Naval Forces will upgrade the current Tarantul-class missile carriers with modern Naval Strike Missile (NSM) anti-ship missiles.

“The endowment program with an estimated total value of 150,000,000 euros (without VAT) will take place over an estimated period of 5 years in order to obtain for the Romanian Naval Forces effective capabilities for the detection, classification, identification and destruction/neutralization of mines marine”, according to a document presented to the Chamber of Deputies.

Romania will buy two Scorpene submarines from Naval Group for around 2 billion euros

Romania also plans to acquire submarines, and the Ministry of Defense has asked for Parliament’s approval to initiate the procedures for such a program. In a decision of the joint offices of the Parliament quoted by, the costs of the acquisition are detailed, as well as the fact that the program targets two submarines from the French from Naval Group, the same company with which MApN has not been able to date sign the contract for the assigned corvettes as early as 2019.

The submarines – two Scorpene-class submarines, torpedoes and countermeasures, initial logistical support, maintenance and test equipment, cryptographic and special regime equipment, specialist assistance, personnel training service at all necessary levels, implicitly use in combat , training equipment, as well as specific databases. The estimated value is 2,000,000,000 euros (without VAT).

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    Who is getting a big thick brown envelope out of this deal?