Romania will participate with 50 military to the international anti-ISIS Coalition efforts

Romania will participate to this year’s efforts of the anti-ISIS international coalition with a total force of up to 50 troops, for training activities and advise to Iraqi security forces, the Defence Ministry informs in a press release announcing that Minister Mihnea Motoc participated on July 20-21 at a meeting in Washington DC of the countries contributing to the anti-ISIL/DAESH Global Coalition at the level of ministers of defence and foreign ministers, led by the US.

“Minister Motoc reiterated Romania’s support for the actions of the international community, aimed to ensure the integrity and territorial sovereignty of Iraq within its internationally recognized borders. Romania will participate in 2016 to the steps the Global Coalition with a total of up to 50 military, for training activities and advice for the Iraqi security forces,” the release reads.

According to the source, in the first day of the meeting, Minister Mihnea Motoc took part in the meeting of the defence ministers from member states of the Coalition contributing to operations in Iraq and Syria, and in the second day, on July 21, he attended, along with Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu, the Romanian Ambassador to the US George Cristian Maior, to the joint session of foreign and defence ministers, hosted by Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.

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