Romanian Air Force aircraft leaves for Afghanistan to evacuate 27 Romanians. CSAT sitting summoned

An Air Force plane is ready to leave for Afghanistan to evacuate the 27 Romanians trapped there, Romanian FM Bogdan Aurescu told Digi24 on Tuesday. He said overflight permits had been obtained from 12 states. At the same time, the minister called on the Romanians who did not send their contact details to the embassy to do so.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, said that there are 27 more Romanian citizens who are still in Afghanistan and that all the overflight permits have been obtained so that they can be brought to the country.

“We have been working since the beginning of the deteriorating security situation, since the beginning of last week, in the inter-institutional crisis cell that we convened since August 13. We have worked very well with our partners, we have discussed with the USA, with the Sea The United Kingdom and other partner states that operated flights to Kabul and as a result of the efforts, in the capitals and on other diplomatic channels, we managed to facilitate the evacuation of 11 Romanian citizens, initially, then of other 16 Romanian citizens during last night. There are still as many as 27 Romanians at the airport and other locations in Afghanistan,” the Romanian FM stated.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs added that other possibilities are being considered for the Romanian citizens to return safely to the country:

“We took other opportunities as well, yesterday we examined the possibility offered by a NATO flight that left from the base from Hungary to Kabul and if it will be possible we will evacuate Romanian citizens with this flight as well “. According to the minister, it is a priority for Romanians who are outside the airport in Kabul to get there safely. He underlined that no Romanian signaled that he would be in a dangerous situation.

Some of the Romanians trapped in Afghanistan managed to leave with foreign military planes. Some have already arrived in Dubai. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that 16 Romanians were able to leave following the negotiations with the allies.

Flights were resumed in Kabul on Tuesday morning, on the airport in the northern part of the city, for the evacuation of the diplomatic staff and of the civilians.


CSAT sitting summoned

Romanian Presidetn Klaus Iohannis has summoned a sitting of the Romanian Supreme Defence Council on August 25 to tackle the situation in Afghanistan.

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