Romanian Army Recruitment: Majority Fail Physical Test

The General Staff of Defense analyzed, in February, March and April, the conduct of the first round of recruitment-selection of professional soldiers this year, a process consisting mainly of the phases of registration and selection of candidates (preparation of files, evaluations physical, psychological and medical), respectively of the distribution in units of the admitted candidates.

Most candidates failed the physical assessment (the first test of the recruitment process). The difficulty level of the test is medium. A person between the ages of 18 and 45, with normal physical development, should have no major difficulties in passing the mandatory minimum physical scales of this assessment, says the Ministry of Defense.
The main data of the analysis showed that  yhe recruitment and selection campaign took place in 41 counties and in the city of Bucharest.
There were 6,448 candidates (of which girls: 20%), for 5,093 places put up for competition.
24% of the candidates were rejected at the physical assessment (first test): 24%, while 18% failed the psychological assessment (candidates remaining after the physical test).
12 percent of candidates failed the medical assessment (candidates remaining after the psychological assessment).
Overall, there were 2,626 admitted candidates, with the admission rate (proportion of selected candidates from the total number of registered candidates) of 40%.
“The general finding was that most of the candidates failed to pass the physical assessment (underlining the fact that it was the first test of the recruitment-selection process). The difficulty level of the test is considered to be medium (utility route – application, endurance running 2,000 m). A person aged between 18 and 45 years, with a normal physical development, should not encounter major difficulties for passing the minimum mandatory physical scales of this assessment”, says MApN in a press release.
MApN says that, from a professional point of view, the vocation for the army must also be supported by the wage income component. In this context, the monthly incomes possible to be achieved in May 2024 (net: salary and food allowance) of the professional soldiers/ranked are presented, in a simulation that takes into account the application of the maximum level of the provisions of GEO no. 26/2024 and which can be increased according to the salary rights granted depending on the individual conditions in which they carry out their activity: the lowest net monthly income of a professional soldier at the time of employment: 4,399 lei (consisting of the net monthly salary in the amount of 3,345 lei and the value of the food allowance of 1,054 lei); the highest net monthly income of a soldier/professional rank: 5,765 lei (made up of the net monthly salary in the amount of 4,711 lei and the value of the food allowance of 1,054 lei); the average net monthly income of a professional soldier/ranked: 5,082 lei (consisting of the net monthly salary in the amount of 4,082 lei and the value of the food norm of 1,054 lei).
The start of the second recruitment-selection campaign for professional soldiers in the Romanian Army is planned for May this year.
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