Romanian climber died on Everest

Romanian mountaineer Gabriel Viorel Țabără died on Monday morning in the Himalayas, according to officials quoted by the publication Everest Chronicle.
The 48-year-old climber was found dead by his sherpa, climbing organizer Makalu Adventure said. “Gabriel and his Sherpa had a normal day and went to their tents, as climbers usually do. But Gabriel didn’t wake up the next morning,” said Mohal Lamsal, Makalu’s patron.
Țabără is the third casualty on the world’s highest mountain this climbing season, after two Mongolian climbers lost their lives on Everest less than two weeks ago. A British alpinist and a Nepalese guide have been missing since Tuesday after they slipped and fell near the south summit, in the mountain’s “death zone” where there is little oxygen. The two were descending after reaching the summit of Everest.
Gabriel Țabără had been on the mountain for over two months, with plans to summit Lhotse without supplemental oxygen and had completed the acclimatization period. “It certainly wasn’t a lack of oxygen, because people don’t use oxygen in Camp III. We will know the cause of death only after the post-mortem,” said Lamsal. His company plans to retrieve his body from Camp III on Wednesday and take it to Kathmandu.
Gabriel Ţabără was on an expedition for two months, trying to conquer Lhotse, reported. It would have been the second “eighth” that he climbed (8,516 meters). After climbing for three years, he managed to reach Manaslu, also in the Himalayan massif (8,163 meters).
Mountaineering was Tabara’s passion. Once a year, he went on a large-scale expedition. Otherwise, he worked in the banking field for over 20 years.
“I started climbing the mountain when I was little. I have my first memories from the age of 10, when I was climbing Jepii Mici with my parents”, said Gabi Ţabără in an interview with, two years ago, when she had just returned from the Himalayas.
Then “I asked myself if I could do more. Everything started from a bet with me, to play in another league. Somehow I wanted to go from the national league to the European cups.
Mont Blanc represented the “baptism” in 2012. It was then on Aconcagua (“the roof of the Americas”), and then in the Himalayas.
Gabriel Ţabără was aware of the risks of this passion. There are risks. I was even joking with my colleagues, when I left, that there is a probability that I won’t return”, he said then, according to
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