Romanian couple fined in Germany for taking their child on a trip even though he was supposed to be at school

Two Romanian spouses were fined by the German authorities for taking their minor child on a trip, even though he had to be at school.

It all happened at an airport in the south of the country. When disembarking from the plane, the police asked the couple about the purpose of the trip and why they took the child with them, especially since he should have been at school.

The authorities considered that the Romanian parents are violating the child’s right to compulsory schooling.

The German police announced the responsible school authority in Bucharest, and the unit will also notify the City Hall, which will establish the amount of the fine.

A similar law exists in Romania, but it is rarely applied. Parents whose children are unjustifiably absent from school risk fines of up to 5,000 lei.

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