Romanian Defense ministry used Hexi Pharma products in the past 10 years

The Hexi Pharma scandal also reached the Ministry of National Defense (MApN), after it was revealed that the ministry had been using the disinfectant products made by Hexi Pharma in the past ten years.

MApN informed on Wednesday that products made by Hexi Pharma were also used in the theatres of operations in the past ten years but the biocide substance had been withdrawn after information about alleged irregularities appeared.

To provide the medical aid in the theatres of operations, biocide products made by Hexi Pharma have been also used in the past ten years. The products, which were authorized for sale according to the legal stipulations, were bought in centralized system for the hospitals from the Defense Ministry network. After information on potential irregularities of that company we decided to use other biocide products both in the country and across the theatres of operations,” reads a MApN press release.

Defense minister Mihnea Motoc also added that at present the American partners are providing the disinfectants in the theatres of operations.

Several procedures have been initiated in the theatres of operations, such actions were considered by the commanders from Afghanistan for instance, some with the support of the American partner, to replace the disinfectants there quite quickly,” the minister explained.

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