Romanian dies in Germany after falling from a window while trying to scare a colleague

A 38-year-old Romanian died after falling from the floor of an apartment block in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, Bild reports.

The incident took place on Tuesday, around 8 pm. The man climbed out the window of an apartment on the 5th floor and clung to the facade of the building. At one point he couldn’t hold on anymore, slipped and fell. About 100 passers-by witnessed the tragedy.

The police, probably called by those in the area, arrived after the Romanian had already fallen. The man died on the spot due to serious injuries. “For the moment, we assume that it is an accident. We are still checking other hypotheses,” a spokesman for the police in Halle told the German publication.

The German media reports that it is not known exactly why the man went out of the window or what he was trying to do, while the investigators do not rule out the possibility of suicide.

However, on a Facebook group of Romanians in Germany, a man wrote that the victim did not jump, but fell after he wanted to play a joke on a colleague by walking into the room and scaring him. According to him, the situation was caught by the surveillance cameras in the area, the recordings being taken over by forensics.

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