Romanian ‘Electronic Doctor’ wins the gold medal at Brussels Innova 2014

The 63rd edition of Brussels Innova brought international recognition for the Romanian doctor, Bogdan Vladila. The competition brought together more than 20 countries and more than 300 inventions in diverse areas.   

‘Electronic Doctor’, a Romanian product and already patented in 28 countries has won the gold medal in ‘Body care and Cosmetology’ and also 2 special prizes: ‘French Inventors Federation’ and the special award in ‘Medical Sciences and Health’.  He first presented ‘Electronic Doctor’ at Geneva where he obtained a gold medal in the ‘Cosmetics’ category putting the electromagnetic therapy internationally.

‘Through the Electronic Doctor device, the physiological regenerative waterfall of the body itself is being triggered in terms of proliferation of its own cells by exposing the tissues at the waves emitted by Electronic Doctor. The increased growth of cells represents the source of regeneration; because these cells are producing significant amounts of new collagen that can repair any previous damaged tissue.’

The regenerative effect of the electromagnetic waves produced by this electronic device on different tissue types has been tested both in laboratory and clinically, and now this treatment is used in many clinics in Europe, both in dentistry and dermatology/ aesthetics.

Unlike the classical surgical techniques, visible only for a short period of time, Electronic Doctor is a non-traumatic treatment; no side effects, no age limits and the patient can use it at home, followed by doctor’s recommendation.

This treatment has already been certified by the European Commission (investor in Dr. Vladila’s research), has received all necessary approvals from the Ministry of Health and has been successfully used in Great Britain, France, Bulgaria and Romania.

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