Romanian from Belgium is accused of stealing 2 parrots worth 14,000 euros

A Romanian from Belgium has been in prison for 6 months, being accused of stealing 2 parrots worth 14,000 euros from a property in Vilvoorde.

According to the court, he resold the stolen birds, but the man maintains that he is innocent. The two valuable parrots were stolen on the night of June 7 to 8, from the house set up in their owner’s yard. The thief or thieves made a hole in its roof and left with the two birds, according to

The two parrots were stolen once before, 2 years ago, and then the police found them in a neighboring house. And this time the investigators remained focused on that area. Thus, two Romanians were identified in a nearby house. One of them had a key that unlocked an outhouse in the yard where bird droppings were discovered, which indicated quite clearly that the birds had been hidden there.

Finally, based on a tip, the two parrots were found perfectly healthy in a nearby garage, from which a flashlight with the DNA of the Romanian now in prison was also recovered. However, the man claims he is completely innocent and that he actually borrowed the flashlight from a friend, and the key he had opens several annexes, not just the one where the bird droppings were found.

The Romanian’s lawyer, Kristof Lauwens, is asking for his acquittal, saying that the evidence discovered by the police is not very conclusive, but the prosecutors are asking for a 1-year prison sentence for theft. The sentence will be pronounced on December 22.

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  • Mr Rearguard

    A Romanian thief is now locked up in his own cage, quiet ironic!