Romanian Iulian Ghergut kidnapped in Burkina Faso in 2015 is now in Mali

Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu has said on Wednesday he had general talks to his counterpart in Burkina Faso on the case of Romanian Iulian Ghergut, who was kidnapped in this country three years ago, revealing that Ghergut is now in Mali.

The discussions were of general nature and we wanted to have a very clear position from the side in Burkina Faso regarding their support and solidarity and their wish to collaborate to find a solution for this very complicated humanitarian case. (…) At present, he is not in Burkina Faso anymore, he is in Mali,” said FM Melescanu.

The Foreign Minister of Burkina Faso, Alpha Barry, who paid a visit to Romania, has talked to Melescanu on Tuesday about the Romanian kidnapped in his country in 2015, and mentioned that all necessary efforts would be taken for „a happy end” in this case.

In a joint statement with Romanian FM Melescanu in Bucharest, Alpha Berry said his country reiterates its compassion for the hostage’s family. „It’s been a long time since he had been kidnapped, three years, I know it is difficult for his family and for everybody and it is a concern I share. We have permanent discussion with out neighbours in Mali, Nigeria and Algeria to find a solution an exit from this very difficult situation,” the Burkina Faso FM said.

The media unit of al-Qaeda’s Mali affiliate has released a proof-of –life video with six foreign hostages, among them Australian Arthur Kenneth Elliott, aged 82, Frenchwoman Sophie Pétronin and Romanian Iulian Ghergut, the SITE US centre for monitoring the Jihadist websites announced in July last year, according to AFP.

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