Romanian Lake Dries Up Due to Record Heat

Images shot from a drone in Olt county show the disaster caused by excessive temperatures: a lake ran out of water and fish died due to lack of oxygen as the month of March brought record temperatures. It was well above normal for the period for the tenth month in a row.

The weather continues to be warm and the first weekend in April will bring temperatures of 27 degrees. There will be little rain. It’s not good news for farmers, and that’s because more than half of the country is already in drought.

Over the weekend, the thermometers will show 10 degrees more than normal. 24 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature today Thursday, the weather will be closed in the northern and central regions, where it will rain.

Otherwise, it will be clear and temperatures will rise to 24 degrees in the southeast. The wind will intensify in the south and southwest. Today, in Bucharest, the weather will be generally sunny and warm.

Clouds will gather from time to time, but rain conditions will be reduced. The maximum will rise to 23 degrees.

In the mountains, the weather is gloomy: it will rain, and at very high altitudes there will be mixed precipitation.

The forecast for tomorrow shows the same. But during the weekend, it will only drip from place to place. 

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