Romanian MFA took out two more citizens from Sudan, another managed to flee to Egypt

Two more Romanian citizens have been evacuated from Sudan, announces the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The other eight, who had managed to leave the country engulfed in civil war, had meanwhile reached Athens. There are also 11 Romanian citizens and 4 family members (Sudanese and Egyptian citizens) in Sudan, who requested help for evacuation.

The two Romanian citizens left the territory of Sudan on April 24, with an evacuation flight organized by the Swedish authorities, to Djibouti, informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE). The MFA, through the Romanian diplomatic and consular missions involved, issued travel documents for the Romanian citizens in question, who no longer had valid documents, and organized, in cooperation with the Swedish authorities, the procedures for the evacuation of the Romanian citizens from Sudan to Djibouti.

At the same time, a Romanian citizen traveled on his own from Sudan to Egypt and requested consular assistance from the Romanian Embassy in Cairo. Representatives of the diplomatic mission maintained contact with him and supported the facilitation of access to Egyptian territory. Efforts to identify means of transport from Djibouti to the final destination for Romanian citizens and their family members continued, including with the authorities of other EU member states that will take over evacuated EU citizens currently in Djibouti.

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