Romanian military dies in car bomb in Afghanistan

A Romanian military died in Afghanistan on Thursday, September 5 in a car bomb near the Green Zone in Kabul. Aged 38, Ciprian-Ștefan Polschi was petty officer third class. He was working as a driver within the NATO command structures in Kabul, according to the Romanian Ministry of Defence.

The Romanian military has lost his life following a car bomb near the Green Zone in the Afghan Capital, while driving his squad car.

Ciprian-Ștefan Polschi was married and had two children. He was working within the Ministry of Defence since 2004 and this was his third mission in Afghanistan.

Defence minister Gabriel Les has signed the order advancing post mortem the corporal to the rank of second lieutenant and sent a proposal to the Romanian President to award the dead military the “Star of Romania” Order, Knight rank.

Memorial services to mourn the dead military will be held across all military units in Romania and in theatres of operations abroad on Friday, September 6.

A Romanian diplomat, employed at Romania’s Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, has died and another one has been seriously injured in a terror attack in Kabul on Tuesday,

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