Romanian MoD Launches New Campaign to Recruit 4,936 Reservists

The Ministry of National Defense announced, on Monday, that it is organizing, between May 20 and June 27, a new recruitment and selection campaign for those who wish to perform military service in the reserve, as a voluntary reservist in the Romanian Army.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Defense, 4,936 volunteer reservist positions are available – officers, military majors, non-commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers – in military units throughout the country.

“Interested citizens can find out at the military centers about the stages of the recruitment and selection process, the structures designated to carry out the selection, the military health unit where they will take the medical examination, as well as the military unit or the training center where they will carry out the initial training program , in the situation where they are the object of this training, according to the law, as well as about the advantages of performing military service as a voluntary reservist”, the press release states.

Candidates without military training will be advised in terms of expressing options, in the sense of orientation towards the positions for which they fulfill the specific criteria related to the level of studies and the correspondence of the specializations acquired in civilian life with the weapons/services and military specialties, the quoted source mentions.

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