Romanian navy engineer dies on board of Singapore ship in Malaysia

A Romanian navy engineer died on board of a commercial ship in Singapore on the way to China in the waters of Malaysian state Sabah. 36-year-old Mevlit Stelian had started to work for the shipping company a week ago. The man died on Wednesday morning in the engines’ room.

A request was sent to the Malaysian Navy Agency for his body to be flown to a hospital. The Romanian was flown by a helicopter to receive medical aid at Elizabeth Queen Hospital.

When he arrived at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport the medical staff waiting for the patient informed Police that he has died. Preliminary investigation says that his body presented no injuries, but an autopsy will be conducted on Thursday.

The Police hasn’t managed to hear the 15 members of the crew because the ship continued its way to Shekou, China.

Stelian was married and was the third engineer of the Berge Bulk Maritime Pte Ltd ship in Singapore.

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