Romanian Navy to buy new multifunctional corvette

Romania will purchase its first new multifunctional corvette in the upcoming period, the Romanian Naval Forces announced in a press release. Rear Admiral Alexandru Mirsu, chief of the Navy Staff revealed that during a sitting to present the institution’s 2016 report. What other plans for the Romanian Navy have been tabled?

“The procurement programmes to be launched in the upcoming period have two phases. Phase I will be carried on during 2017-2020, and will include the purchase of the first new multifunctional corvette; the reestablishment of Rockets 508 Coast Division and its endowment with mobile installations to launch contained missile and a mobile platform for command and control, the modernization of T22R frigates and providing them with equipment to fight against the air, underwater and on water threats; the modernization of two missile carriers, the re-motorization of river military vessels. Phase II, during 2020-2026, includes the procurement of three multifunctional corvettes, the modernization of the third missile carrier and, depending on the budget the Naval Forces will have at their disposal, initiating a multiannual procurement programme for new submarines, ” informs a press release on the Romanian Naval Forces’ website.

As for the missions and activities carried on last year, Admiral Alexandru Mirsu stated that the training days at sea in 2016 doubled as compared to the previous year, considering the crisis situation in the Black Sea Basin and the freezing of the regional military initiatives.

“2016 was a particularly tense year in the Black Sea region, considering the crisis in Turkey and the significant increase in the level of endowment of the Russian Federation Navy in the Black Sea, but also the frozen conflicts in the Caucasus and in the eastern neighborhood of our country, in Transdniester. In this context, our ships were at sea 159 days, in a multinational setting, and there was an about 100 pc rise comparing with 2015, when our ships conducted 84 day-missions at sea. We were joined at sea, by partners from 12 NATO countries, including the simultaneous participation, for the first time, of two NATO naval groups in the largest multinational exercise that we have ever hosted, Sea Shield 2016, attended by 1,000 Romanian soldiers and 1,000 troops from seven allied countries. We have proved that our leadership and execution structures have the ability to implement operational procedures at NATO standards, to combat threats of any kind, at sea, in the air and underwater, ” the chief of the SMFN pointed out.

The relations between the Romanian Navy and the international partners have also been reinforced by numerous joint training activities both at sea and on land, in the country and abroad, attended by Navy soldiers.

Last year, the Romanian Naval Forces had 170 international activities, with one third of them taking place on national territory and two thirds abroad. The strategic partnership with the US included joint training activities, at sea, in the air and on the ground.

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