Romanian officials on board the Tarom aircraft on board which a man cut his wrists

On board the Tarom plane in which a passenger self-mutilated with a razor blade were also Mircea Geoană, the deputy general secretary of, NATO, the head of the DSU, Raed Arafat, and the former minister Rovana Plumb. The information was confirmed even by the number two in NATO, Mircea Geoană.

“Yesterday night on the Tarom Brussels-Otopeni flight carried out with the Boeing 737-700 plane, a dangerous incident took place. After taking off from Brussels, a Romanian economy class passenger started arguing with the flight attendants, uttering various insults and threats to them. The cabin crew and the pilot-in-command of the race proceeded in strict accordance with the company’s national and internal procedures but the turbulent passenger did not want to stop being in a visibly negative mental state. In such conditions, he was asked to be present on the plane after landing in Otopeni, but when the passenger in question noticed the boarding of the plane by the police and the Tarom security service, he sat down on a seat in business class and severely self-mutilated with the use of a razor blade hidden under the tongue at the security check on boarding at Brussels airport. His self-harm caused blood to spatter heavily in the business cabin area until emergency crews could attend. Because the passenger in question, not being in the category of potentially dangerous or dangerous or convicted passengers, etc., was not escorted to the plane, being considered a normal passenger like everyone else. The security check was carried out by the Belgian security system and inquiries are being made to see how this passenger managed to get through with that blade. The passenger intentionally self-mutilated to be taken to the guard room of a hospital where he could try to escape,” Tarom sources told

According to the company, for the safety of the passengers, the commander, together with the crew, took into account the landing at airports close to the flight route, other than the destination one.

“This option was abandoned as there were periods of behavioral stability and calm shown by the passenger, after receiving the warnings. After landing, the passenger’s attitude escalated, at which point the crew requested support from both the TAROM security team and the Border Police. With the arrival of the Police representatives, the passenger resorted to an extreme gesture of self-mutilation, retreating into the Business class passenger cabin”, TAROM also said.

The company explains that, for the protection of the passengers, it was ensured that they were disembarked through the back door of the aircraft and that the scene of the incident was isolated, in order to make room, including the medical team, in order to provide specialized assistance to the passenger, who is now admitted to the hospital for recovery.

The National Air Transport Company TAROM SA announces that it is evaluating the initiation of a court action against the passenger, in order to discourage these manifestations, but also to recover the damages caused.

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