Romanian schoolgirl scores impressive performance at the French Baccalaureate

A 16-year-old Romanian schoolgirl has scored an impressive performance at the French Baccalaureate after obtaining a grade higher than the maximum one admitted.

A French newspaper reported about the Romanian teenager in a one-page article entitled: “The 16-yo schoolgirl with 20.29 grade at the Baccalaureate: Corina wants to become a surgeon”.

Born to a doctors’ family, Corina wants to attend the Medicina Lyon Est after graduating the Ombrosa bilingual high school from Caluire-et-Cuire, a district in the metropolitan area of Lyon.

What is surprising about the Romanian girl is that she has got the grade of 20.29 when the passing grades at the French Baccalaureate range from 10 to 20. Teachers very rarely give a 20, and the situations when the grade is higher than 20 is even more rare.

The Romanian ambassador in Paris, Luca Niculescu hailed the girl’s performance. “She is only 16 years old, her name is Corina Negulescu and has got one of the highest grades at the French Baccalaureate: 20/29! (the maximum is 20). A newspaper covers a one-page article about her. Congratulations, Corina and to your parents (Vlad Negulescu), whom I had the occasion to meet in Lyon,” ambassador Niculescu posted on Facebook.

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