Romanian soldier wounded in Afghanistan

A Romanian soldier has been wounded on Saturday in Afghanistan, a light arm wound following exchange of fire in Afghanistan with insurgents clothed in Afghan police uniforms, the Defence Ministry (MoD) informs.

According to the release, a squadron of Romanian soldiers that was conducting, on Saturday, a patrol and escort mission for a squad of the Security Force Advisory and Assistance Team in Camp JRAC (Joint Regional Afghan Centre) near Kandahar, had to engage, around 11:05h local time (9:35h Romanian time — EEST), insurgents dressed as Afghan police officers that were on the attack.

Following the exchange of fire, one insurgent was killed, another was wounded, and a Romanian soldier sustained a light arm wound.

The Romanian soldier was granted first aid on the scene, being later transported to the nearest aid station. He is in good condition, the wound posing no serious threat. The soldier has returned to the unit, the MoD informs.

The Romanian troops are part of the Infantry and Force Protection Battalion of Iasi, also nicknamed the ‘Black Wolves’, deployed to Afghanistan since February.

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