Romanian who shot 3 former colleagues and 2 policemen in Spain to be euthanized

A court in Spain approved, on Thursday, August 4, the euthanasia request of a Romanian who became paraplegic on December 14, 2021, following an armed incident that he caused and after which he was accused of committing several crimes of attempted murder.

The court in Tarragona considered that there are no legal grounds for revoking the decision previously issued by another court, considering that the “situation of insurmountable vulnerability, pain and suffering” in which Marin Eugen Sabau is found legitimizes his request for voluntary death before he can be on trial for shooting three employees from the company he worked for and two policemen, reports El Pais.

Thus, Sabău will become the first prisoner in Spain to obtain the right to a dignified death, since the entry into force of the euthanasia law, in 2021. The three judges from Tarragona assessed that Marian Eugen Sabău’s right to die assisted must prevails over the legal rights of its victims.

Gun enthusiast and member of a shooting club, Marian Eugen Sabău, 46, worked as a security guard at a company in Tarragona, but was fired after allegedly having several conflicts at work. Longing for revenge, on December 14, 2021, he entered the premises of his former workplace armed and shot 3 former colleagues, seriously injuring them. He fled and barricaded himself in a former farm nearby, where he was located by a special police intervention squad. Sabău opened fire and wounded two policemen, and was then neutralized with several gunshots.

Sabău was completely paralyzed after being shot, and his situation is irreversible. His condition is still serious at the moment and he is still in the hospital, being dependent on permanent care. This year, the Romanian submitted a request for euthanasia, having the opinion of the doctors and the evaluation committee. A first court approved his request, but the decision was contested by the victims. The decision handed down on Thursday is final, but the date on which the Romanian will be euthanized has not been set.

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