Romanian woman asks President, FM for help in being repatriated from Guinea

A Romanian woman, who have been living in Liberia and Guinea for decades, has asked for the help of President Klaus Iohannis, FM Bogdan Aurescu and Minister of EU Funds, Marcel Bolos, to get a passport and to be repatriated to Romania.

Marilena Popa, born in 1948, was living Liberia before 1990, therefore since the times Romania was under the communist ruling, but in 1990 she left Liberia as a war refugee and arrived in Guinea and for the past 30 years, she has been “on forced transit” in Conakry, Guinea.

She recounted she has two children, a girl and a boy, who were minor before 1990, and who were raised without having any ID papers, for which reason they could not be educated in school and were isolated and discriminated.

She wrote an e-mail to our editorial office, saying she has sought for help with the Romanian Foreign Ministry and Romania Embassies in Guinea and Senegal  in solving her situation, but she has received no answers.

“The case is for my former minor children abandoned in this inhuman act and who were raised in illegality, isolated, having no rights, including the right for EDUCATION.

They were home schooled by me. I was 42 years old in 1990. Today my daughter is 44yo and had not even one friend, the same went for my son.
The DRCO within the Romanian Foreign Ministry won’t help us for their crime in front of the law is much too serious, but the President and the Foreign Minister must know the truth and cannot remain indifferent,” Marilena Popa said.

The woman explains that she has no passport and thus she cannot return to Romania. We present her letter bellow:

Your excellencies, Mr President Iohannis, Mr Minister Bogdan Aurescu of MFA and Mr Minister of MFE Marcel Bolos,
The reason I address you in this newspaper is because, after tens and tens of e-mails I have sent
to you, I understood that you aren’t informed about my case or my correspondence is blocked somewhere
on the way.
Mr Minister Bogdan Aurescu, I wrote you back in 2014, but unfortunately someone else took
your seat. I started writing you again since Jan. 2020, but the Public Relations department seems
to have sent my correspondence directly to the Consular Department, who is responsible
for our illegality since 1990 and and for our FORCED TRANSIT of 30 years, using obstacles and negativity, through intermediary of the Romanian Embassies in Conakry, Guinea and in Dakar, Senegal.
Mr Minister Marcel Bolos, I wrote you many times this year with the hope that you might come up
with the initiative to finalize the result of my persistent problem.
I know that it’s none of your work, but there is a duty of honour to become active in such
My name is MARILENA POPA, I am a Romanian-born, divorced and I was a mother with 2 minor children in 1990, who sought refuge out of the war of Liberia in 1990 to the Romanian Embassy in Conakry, Guinea, demanding REPATRIATION, a legal passport to replace my socialist passport and the legalization of my children.
After long hours  debate of the consul with DRCO/MAE, Bucharest, they accepted us in the embassy with
the condition to pay $90.00/day. As survival in the war and expenditure to come out alive left me empty pocket, then I suggested to call my uncle in Lima, Peru, owner of the Colledge Hans Christian Anderson.
They did it a month later, in my absence, and it ended up in a REFUSAL.
I don’t really know what happened, but they asked me out in 12 hours, saying that ROMANIA doesn’t need ROMANIANS from abroad because they are the traitors of the old regime…our bad luck and I couldn’t call my family or my uncle..
No address, no POBOX, no telephone, no money, no legal document.
The next 7 years I was imploring for the result of all the forms I filled, until the embassy closed down and abandoned us in ILLEGALITY.
Our survival was difficult: I was arrested few times for lack of ID.
Only in 2007 I succeeded to touch a computer and learn to use it by myself, and I contacted Romania’s Embassy in Dakar, Senegal, where the files of Romanians were transferred.
And here starts the PART 2 of our story. My file didn’t exist and it took them about 3 years to find out
I have all the correspondence and scans proving that there was no intention to help us at all.
We were and are feeling like in LIFE IMPRISONMENT. Not only being on a BLACK LIST of local Immigration, but PERSECUTED by those back home, responsible of wrong interpretation of laws, disrespect of Romanian laws and Human Rights, who are saying that Romanians abroad
are traitors of the old regime.
We hope that the new government will solve this problem that has NO RESULT.
In 2017, DRCO/MAE offered TITLURI DE CALATORIE, knowing, informed by me, that all my family members passed away, therefore we had nowhere to go anymore from airport.
Since then I have asked FINANCIAL AID attached to those traveling documents, but my correspondence was blocked. In 2019 I received the scan of an EXPIRED e-mail of 2013.
This year I changed the title into: REPATRIATION WITH FINANCIAL AID AND RELOCATION, writing all over without success. This year DRCO/MAE sent me their ILLOGICAL NEGATIVE COMMENTARY.
We can’t have a Christmas and a New Year since we have no more home and we are in a country that does not welcome foreigners.
That’s why I kept on screaming for help this year as well, but my voice is not loud enough.
Thanks for your attention and for patients to read! 
+224 622138771″
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