Romanian woman dies in storm affecting eastern Spain

A 54-year-old woman born in Romania who was living in a park in Gandia town in eastern Spain has died in a storm that affected the region, ABC newspaper reported. Sources from the local public administration revealed that the woman had been sleeping in a park in town for quite a while, together with her husband, as both refused to be accommodated in shelters for people in need.
The strong “Gloria” storm currently raging out in Spain has claimed two lives so far, a man in Asturias who was killed when a car hit him as he was putting snow chains onto his own car and the homeless Romanian-born woman found dead in the park in Gandia in the province in Valencia. The woman would have died of hypothermia overnight, according to Murcia Today. However, the autopsy will disclose the precise cause of her death.
“Gloria” storm has affected the eastern Spain and the Balearic Islands since Sunday, with strong wind gusts, heavy snowfalls and rainfalls being reported. Alicante Airport has been closed due to the storm.
 Parks in Madrid have been also closed to the public, while authorities in Barcelona have recommended the citizens to avoid beaches due to the high waves.
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