Romanian young man reveals he is behind the famous GhostShell hacker team

Bryan Clark from The Next Web publication wrote that one of the world’s most notorious hackers just revealed his identity to him, while the hacker turned to be a Romanian.

‘The man behind Team GhostShell — the hacker collective behind some of the biggest cyber attacks in recent memory, including attacks on the FBI, NASA and the Pentagon as well as a leak that saw 2.5 million Russian “government, educational, academic, political and law enforcement” accounts compromised — is ready to come clean and face the music,’ says the journalist.

GhostShell became internationally notorious in 2012, when it penetrated the aforementioned hacks on US and Russian intelligence agencies. The hacks included attacks on, the Smithsonian photo contest website, Socialblade, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and even the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

TNW was approached by a man using a generic Yahoo email address, with the name White Fox that claimed to be the leader of the infamous hacker collective. After a series of email and some additional text correspondence, I was added to an email list that included a handful of other cyber security journalists, including those from the likes of Wired, The Telegraph, The Atlantic and others, 10 in total,’ Bryan Clark recounts.

My name is G. Razvan Eugen and I’m the one behind the Team GhostShell moniker. I am GhostShell. Even though among the years I have been called many things. Some of you that have reported on me before, know me as DeadMellox. Which is also true, except that it was an identity created created to help track down the people that were keeping tabs on me, including the feds. I think you may recall the whole Flashpoint fiasco from Project WhiteFox.

In any case, I am 24 years old, born on the 16th of August 1991 in Bucharest, Romania. Despite often travelling I still live here currently. I live approximately 15 away from the largest building in Europe, our house of parliament.

Before I founded Team GhostShell I was part of another hacker team and that was MalSec. I cofounded it with a former lulzsec member that never got caught, on the network AnonOps at the beginning of 2012. I was in charge if all hacking operations and he was in charge of media relations. We had a falling of sorts, I suspected he was a fed and we parted ways. I took at the time all the hackers that I had recruited and personally trained. He kept the rest. Others left,” Eugen tells part of his story.

The journalist from TNW said that Eugen was more than happy to help out, giving him, giving him photos, email accounts and even the private Twitter account he had been using to communicate for several years, @DeadMellox.

Eugen exonerated other member of the hacking team, saying they were never directly involved in the main projects/leaks. “99 percent of them are from me,” he confessed.

I just want to own up to my actions, face them head on and hope for the best. What I really want is to continue being part of this industry. Cybersecurity is something that I enjoy to the fullest even with all the drama that it brings and legal troubles.

In return I hope other hackers and hacktivists take inspiration from this example and try to better themselves. Just because you’ve explored parts of the Internet and protested about things that were important to you doesn’t mean you should be afraid and constantly paranoid of the people around you,” he also told the journalist from TNW.

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